Nothing Compared to Her

Pretty top, cute sweater, designer jeans, expensive┬ásneakers. I always carefully pick my outfit, I always pick the outfit that would look pretty on me. It is so stressful and frustrating since it would be the first time that I would actually pick which outfit is the nicest. Yes, I never cared about what people would say about me before. I would just wear whatever I see in my closet. But as time went by, I started to desire┬áto look better. So what I did was I always picked the outfit that I think you would appreciate and maybe, just maybe, would think I’m pretty.

My classmates seem to notice that I exert effort in my clothes. They would compliment my top, sweater, shoes and so on. But not once did I hear from you. Of course I was flattered with their compliments, I was joyous. But to think that the person for my reason why I was wearing those clothes didn’t even tell me anything about it, I was heartbroken.

Nevertheless, I didn’t weigh it in my heart that much. I then start to think that maybe if I study well enough, you’d notice me. The night before class, I would always read in advance. I would print articles that I think would help in understanding the lessons. My classmates would always ask me to explain to them the lessons, and I was happy to. But then again, not once did you ask for my help. I see you asking help from others, but never from me.

But one night, you told me that you like this girl, and guess what? You like her for three years now. And when I found out about that,that’s when I knew that I was nothing compared to her.

The questions swirling in my head finally got their answers. Why did you never compliment me? It was because for you, she was the prettiest. Why did you never asked me for help? It was because you knew that I liked you and it would give me false hope if you did. Why did you never see me? It was because you only had eyes for her.


Grateful for Unkind Ways

Don’t miss out on the gifts that come from facing the people who challenge you, even in an unkind way.

Thank you for telling me that I don’t read the Bible enough. Thank you for saying that I don’t listen to our class. Thank you for scolding me for having a fickle heart. Thank you for all the lessons you’ve given me. You may not have taught them in the nicest way, but I’m still grateful.

Thank you for telling me that I don’t read the Bible enough, for now I am revisiting my faith by reading not only the Bible but books that would nourish my faith. Thank you for your words, for now, I am closer to God than before.

Thank you for saying to me that I don’t listen to class, for now I am reading articles and books on how to listen to class more effectively. Not only that, but I started to watch videos related to the class you told me about. Now, I am learning a lot more. Thank you for your words, for now, I am no longer studying for grades, but for understanding.

Thank you for scolding me for having a fickle heart, for now I am only focused on admiring one person. Thank you for your words, for now, I am only focused on loving myself.

I am even thankful that you rejected me, for now I am doing my best to find myself and what I am worthy of. I am doing my best to find true happiness. Again, thank you for rejecting me- Thank you for letting me be happy, even without you.