Kinds of Sadness

I have always thought, as a kid, that tears come running down from your eyes because your parents won’t buy you toys, candies, chocolates and other goodies we’ve always desired when we were young.

But as I grow older, I have realized that that there’s a lot more reasons why you cry. When I was in grade school, I used to cry my eyes out because I failed in some of my exams. What I did not know was that it was only just a taste of what sadness has to give.

Now, at this age, I think I’ve experienced the worse kind of sadness I have had in my life so far. Do you know how hard it is to desire for someone out of your reach? I long for his warm hugs and delicate kisses every single day. I keep on picturing us walking with our intertwined fingers at the park. I keep on imagining the adventures we would have if we were actually together. But then again, these are only silly things that my minds have produced. Isn’t that depressing? All these lovely and cheesy writings yet I don’t even have you. And I think this is the worse kind of sadness, you write the things you long for because you know you can’t have them.